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Who Listens to FUR FM ?

FUR FM is available on any and all PC's, Laptops, Smartphones, Tablets and Smart TV's and now all Amazon Devices such as Alexa & Echo Dots.  The station appeals to a niche audience who love 70's and 80's Jazz, Funk, Soul, Disco, Reggae/Lovers Rock, Rare-groove and Funkyhouse. This audience can be those who were in their teens back in the 80's or an even older generation. But also, we have found that youngsters are avid fans of this genre of music with a cconstantly growing fan-base of listeners from this age group. 


Check out our TuneIn Radio page and you will see that just via this medium alone we have over 4000 plus listeners and subscribers. (Our YouTube channel even more) Globally, as best as we can measure, we have some 15,000 listeners not including Smart TV's as we are unable to monitor the number but can see what device is being used to listen to FUR FM. We see that a Smart TV is being used for instance or 'IP TV' in many cases or Roku & Applemedia.


Check out Apple iTunes Online Radio, 80's Flashback category and you will see us there too. We have a large proportion of listeners via Apple and can see the devices being used.


Check out our Facebook pages - We have a standard page for 'Likes' as well as a Members page where membership numbers are constantly growing.


Do any particular countries tune in to FUR FM ?

Yes !  These include the United States, East and West Coast, Canada East and West Coast, South America, United Kingdom, Europe with countries such as Spain, France, Germany, Sweden, Poland, Greece, Cyprus, Switzerland, Moscow, China, Japan, Australia and many more.  As FUR FM is a 24hr round the clock station, 24/7/365, when one hemisphere is asleep, the other is awake ! 


What kind of programmes do you air, are there Themed Shows ?

Yes there are. During the week many of the weekend shows are repeated. We also have themed shows such as Tamla Motown Shows, Reggae Shows, Themed Outta Space Show, Sunday Love-songs Show at the weekends, Shows for Facebook Fans where requests and dedications are played as well as Sunday specific shows. All geared around the 70's and 80's Genre !


Is it expensive to advertise or sponsor a show on FUR FM ? 

Whether you have a local or Global Brand, FUR FM is the place to get seen, internationally.  We can custom your advertising campaign to your budget and audience. 


You can sponsor a given programme or show for a flat rate fee. Example "This Show is sponsored by Joe Bloggs Ltd - The best place for all your blog needs" Every time that particular programme or Show is aired or repeated, your Sponsor message will be infinitum ! Contact Us today to discuss a campaign and/or with any questions you may have.



FunkURadio in 2023

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